Situated 14 km from Sibenik, on the west shore of Prukljansko lake. The lake is placed in the lower flow of Krka river, and connected to sea by a narrow canal which ends at Sibenik Port. In the lower layers of the lake the water is salty, while in surface layers it is fresh. This mixture of salty and fresh water has certainly influenced the exquisite gastro offer of this area. Specialties like conger, 'golac' (a small sort of crab), eel, freshwater anchovies, are only some of the delicacies you can find here.

Not far from this peaceful little village, near Stipanac island, you can allegedly see the remains of 'Gavanovi dvori', a town lost underwater. According to the legend, God decided to completely ruin it because of Gavan's vanity and cruelty. Gavan's shepherd and nanny, a young Liburnian girl, were the only two people saved, and they decided to build a new town, not ruled by Gavans. The town they built is known today as Skradin. Use the time you spend in Raslina to visit Krka National Park and Sibenik, only 14 km away, with all its beauties, stone streets, squares, fortresses, churches, one of a kind work of art - St James's Cathedral, and so much more that this region of immense natural and cultural beauty has to offer.

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Apartmani Kola-Fjaka Fjaka Charm apartment
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200 m
Apartmani Kola-Fjaka Fjaka Apartments Sanja, ID:19
Distance to the sea:
150 m
Apartmani Kola-Fjaka Fjaka K apartmani Brodarica, ID: 54
Distance to the sea:
350 m
Apartmani Kola-Fjaka Fjaka Apartments Kokolo, ID:46
Distance to the sea:
300 m
Apartmani Kola-Fjaka Fjaka The sea view apartment, Kaprije ID:49
Distance to the sea:
10 m

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