It's highly unlikely for anyone to stay in Sibenik and not visit this little town, placed 13 km west of Sibenik, undoubtedly one of the best known tourist destination in Sibenik County. Having in mind its 50 year-old tradition in tourism,  It's no wonder that this town has a rich variety of offerings for tourists.  Today in Vodice you can get anything you need. It's a wonderful mixture of old stone streets, houses and churches (vitnessing the long and tumultuous history of the area) on one side, and one of the best known clubbing scenes in the Adriatic on the other.Make sure you visit parochial Church of St Kriz (placed in the very heart of the city, often hosts exhibitions during the summer ), the Coric Tower (built out of high-quality stone from Brac), and also the Okit Hill (with Madonna of Karmel Church) where traditionally, every first Sunday in June, Biker Fest  takes place. There are also the Aquarium and the Nautical Museum in Vodice, where you can get familiar with more than a hundred species of fish and crabs that can be found in Sibenik archipelago, look around the scale models of ships, the old diving suit, the collection of amphorae.

During the day you can get lazy at lovely beaches (most famous being the Blue Beach near Punta Hotel, which was awarded 'Blue flag' for  the appearance and sea clarity (cement-sand-cliffs) and Hangar beach, in front of Olympia Hotel (pebble-cement). Here you can enjoy rich sports and entertainment programs, or a relxing massage on the beach (it will cost you some 80 kn). There are many beach bars, Hookah being one of the most popular, where the atmosphere starts heating up already in the afternoon. If you're not into this kind of partying, you can take a 10-minute boat ride to the island of Prvic, where amazing undisovered beaches are waiting just for you. For the fans of active vacation , there's a diving school in Vodice (discover the beauties of the Adriatic off-shore) as well as marked bike tracks, or big game fishing adventure. One of the well-known restaurants is Santa Maria, which offers numerous Mexican dishes, as well as fish and meat specialties. You will get fascinated not only with food, but with the incredible interior of the restaurant, which is a real little gem of imagination and creativity. One visit here is far from enough to capture all the carefully exposed details around this one-of-a-kind restaurant.

Rustika Tavern is another place where you'll  find good food, traditional Dalmatian dishes, and traditionally made bread as well (baked under an ember covered lid). If you're craving for a good pizza, try Tony's Pizza Place, in front of the market. Vodice is best known for its night life, with a great number of bars along the coast, famous night-clubs like Opium, Exit, Hacienda, Makina. In tavern/night-club Makina, you can have your afternoon coffee while enjoying the marine view, have lunch or dinner  choosing from their many specialties, and simply slide into a night out (something that Makina is very well known for). If you're into rock music, visit Suncani sat Bar, at the main square, which often hosts local rock bands. Vodice in summer hosts a great number of events and festivals such as CMC Festival, Jazz Festival, Moto Vodice, Children's Festival, concerts of 'klape' on Wednesdays, Vodice's Fest and many more. In Vodice you'll find everything you need: grocery stores, drugstores, market with daily fresh fruits and vegetables, many souvenir shops, or cute little shops at the main square. On the main square, not far from  Church of St Cross, you'll find the shop of famous Croatian designer duo of unique jewelry - Thesaurus. This is probably going to put smiles on many of their fans' faces. Visit them and see for yourself what makes them so special.

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